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Fatal Crash takes the life of 18-year old Braeden Combs

Grandson, son, and nephew to Patton’s Funeral Home family

An unfortunate, and horrific tragedy has befallen on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, November 10, 2019.. Robert Braeden Combs, age 18, was involved in a fatal crash in Butler County. Paul Hensley, age 72, of Hazard, crossed the centerline on the roadway while heading southbound. Upon crossing the line, his path ran directly into Braeden’s vehicle.

Braeden Combs was pronounced dead on scene. Paul Hensley was airlifted to University of Louisville Hospital to treat serious injuries endured in the accident.

***Story by Scotty Dennis***

Braeden Combs has meant a lot to me through the years. I have known him since birth and as a young child I spent a considerate amount of time with him. His mother, Alison Patton Holland is the daughter of Jerry and Marilyn Patton, owner’s of Patton’s Funeral Home in Park City and Brownsville.

In Richmond, Braeden left behind his father, Robert Shannon Combs; stepmother, Heather Combs; and sister, Whitleigh Combs.

Alison and I became business partners when Braeden was still a toddler; hence, bringing me significantly close to him and the family. As time went on and Braeden grew up, he began getting involved in things that lead to a bit of trouble, like most young men do. For a predominant family such as the Patton’s this was a hard blow, very saddening. However, Braeden had began to put the things that had brought him trouble, and his family grief, behind him. He was a volunteer firefighter for Chalybeate Fire Department and Bear Creek Fire Department. What a bright and fun young man. There was no finer young man, today, that I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know.

I took several opportunities to help guide Braeden when I could. I also know many others have done the same. His mother, Alison, loved him with all of her heart, and being a mother is one of the hardest things on the planet, but Alison did so with all of the love within her.

I don’t typically want to, or feel the need, to write a personal message about someone whom has passed, but not writing about Braeden Combs feels incomplete, or undone. The world is truly a sadder place today and those shoes will not be filled.

Robert Braeden Combs
June 01, 2001 – November 10, 2019
You were loved, you are loved, and you will always, always be missed. Until then.

It wasn’t long ago that we had talked about him coming with me and Joey to work with us at Hill of Terror in Bonnieville. Tragedies happen so quickly. I looked forward to watching him grow into the man I knew he was becoming. Now, I look forward to seeing him in Heaven. RIP my little buddy. You were loved, you are loved, and you will always, always be missed. For each tear that may fall for Braeden, may it warm and touch the hearts of the so many that love him, especially his family. Remember them. They will need all of the care and love possible.

Some of you may be wondering why I would even mention that Braeden had gotten into a bit of trouble, here is my reasoning. When I first heard of this devastation, I was told it was a vehicle accident. The next text message about Braeden said it was a drug overdose. There was no doubt in my mind that the latter of the two texts was disturbingly false. Immediately, I knew that I needed to explain to everyone that our buddy was being misrepresented. It was not drugs. It was not alcohol. It was an unfortunate event. A mistake made by another, inflicted into Braeden. I do not, and will not, ever understand how, or why, someone can add their own information without knowing the truth for themselves, much less repeat it without knowing. Don’t hurt families and innocent people with a rumor or a hunch, for someday it could very well fall on your doorstep.

Find love, keep love, help others. ❤️💙

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