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Munfordville City Council Hires Two New Employees

Article written by a special guest for DayLily News

The two newest employees of the Munfordville City are Neva Brent, City Clerk, and Michael Gibson, City Zoning Administrator.

A new city clerk, Mrs. Neva Brent and a new zooming administrator, Mr. Michael Gibson have been hired by the city council.  When the Munfordville City Council Meeting, was called to order on Monday evening April 8, 2019 the first item of business was to introduce a new city clerk. Mrs. Neva Brent, when introduced, told the council that she was there to help them to get their job done for the city.  The next item of business was to introduce Mr. Michael Gibson to the council.  Councilman Glenn Thomas asked about Mr. Gibson’s salary schedule.  Mayor Johnson then began to explain that Mr. Gibson would be paid monthly at a rate of $200.00.  Greg Nichols has agreed to help Mr. Gibson with learning the rules and regulations of city zoning.  He will also acquire training through the Kentucky League of Cities.  

Mrs. Neva Brent at her assigned duties as the new Munfordville City Clerk.

Councilman Shepperd had his name on the agenda so that hecould ask some questions about the zoning issues.  He was glad that Mr. Gibson had been hired and that the city was moving forward with this issue.  He expressed concerns from the people that voted for the council.  Councilman Shepperd said that the main concerns that people had were the progress of the water company, street sign and lights getting fixed, and then the zooming issues.    He felt as if the council was moving forward with the water company and were taking care of signs as they became aware of them, and now the zoning issue would begin to get resolved.

Older American Month:

May 2019 is Older American Month and BRADD wants to recognize individuals that are turning one hundred or older.  Mrs. Brent said that she would be glad to get the nomination forms to BRADD if anyone wanted to complete one if they knew of someone of was turning a hundred.

Police Report:

Greg Atwell gave the police report.  Officer Atwell indicated that there had been nine arrests, twelve alarm calls, eleven citations, one hundred thirty six complaints, six motorist assists, five accidents, twenty assists of other departments, five casesopened, seven domestics, eight escorts, three assaults, two thefts, 1 animal complaint, and fifty-seven warnings. 

Tourism Report:

Coni Shepperd gave a tourism report and she indicated that the city wide yard sale is set for May 4.  Any non-profit that wants to set up can do so in the front of the courthouse.  Anyone else can set up in the back of the courthouse.  If someone wants to set up anywhere else in town, they need to get the permission of the land owner.  Tick Rogers’ marker was broken in a recent storm, and a new one has been ordered to replace it.  There were several tourists in town over spring break, and the tourism department is anticipating a great season.  There are several things at Thelma Stovall Park that needs to be repaired.  The tourism department is taking care of many items such as the exercise stations, the wooden bridge needing a few slats replaced, and mulch being placed around the playground.  There will be a cemetery walk in June.  It is a free activity but donations will be accepted.  There will be 3 walks available to the public, at 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30.  There will be people dressed in time sensitive outfits to give historic talks.

Councilman Shepperd indicated that at least two of the grills at Thelma Stovall Park were in need of being disposed of and needed to be removed.  The council wants the grills replaced as they feel the community and tourists benefit from the grills.

Water & Sewer Report:

Tim Wilkerson gave the report for the sewer/water.  He indicated that had cleaned the lower end of the plant and gotten rid of thirteen tons of sludge.  They had ordered a control panel and a carport.  They were working on replacing meters and had started mowing.  They had pulled three pumps and installed one pump.  

Fire Department Report:

Brian Webber gave the fire department report.  He indicated that Chief Adcock was still working on the inventory list and getting the air packs sent off to be checked.  Many have already passed certification.  A new truck that will be arriving soon will have four new packs and four extra bottles.  The fire department hadbid on a brush truck, which they do not have now.  They lost the bid, but Terry has possibly gotten in touch with a fire department that has one that will be significantly less than the one they bid on.  Councilman Thomas asked how many were on the fire department roster.  Webber indicated that there were sixteen on the roster, and they were 71% certified.  Many are working on their certifications, and trainings will be offered in the near future.  The department is signed up for thirty hours of training with the state.  They will be checking fire hydrants.  Councilman Shepperd asked if we will still utilizing other departments from around the county.  Webber said yes and then went on to expound on the need for volunteers in all departments, but specifically Munfordville.  He said that the department could offer structure, training, and up to date equipment, and perhaps that would help increase the volunteers.  There is a real need for people to help with the volunteer fire department.

Mayor’s Report:

Mayor Johnson asked the council about their thoughts on an insurance issue.  During the past administration the employee’s spouse’s health insurance had been taken away and the spouse not covered.  Trooper Lanny Jewell spoke to this situation, even though he does not use the city insurance.  When the insurance for a spouse was taken away it affected the entire salary for that city employee.  Councilman Thomas asked who was affected by this situation and it was revealed that only two city employees carried their spouse and that was Officer Greg Atwell and Tim Wilkerson.  New hires would understand that their spouse was not covered as a part of their job, but these two employees had been grandfathered in and then their contract was changed.  Much discussion ensued but in the end all involved wanted to make the situation right and cover the two employees spouse’s insurance.  Many options were discussed and a decision on how to rectify the situation was not decided upon for budget purposes.  

The council also addressed the idea of hiring custom bush hogging to be done on areas in the city.   This will be checked on.  Councilman Thomas wanted a re-reading of an ordinance about water meters and making them user friendly.  Again this will be placed on next month’s agenda.

Resident Requests Assistance:

With adjournment next on the agenda, a city resident asked to address the council.  Kathy Chrisman began to discuss the terrible problem of Kudzu within the city limits.  She indicated that her 88 year old aunt lives at 147 Walton Lane and that there are overgrown lots and the Kudzu begins to take over.  Ms. Chrisman said they had spent in excess of $2500.00 to try and fix the problem to no avail.  Actually the roots had grown into a house foundation and lifted the house from the foundation.  The Kudzu is also in the electrical wiring.  Jr. and Carolyn Sue Spradlin are the actual owners of the lot where the Kudzu is such a situation.  The council agreed to see what they could legally do about the situation.

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