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Hart County inmate, possibly facing death penalty, attempts an escape!!!

The guard was attacked from behind in search of keys to the outside

March 17, on a Sunday night around 9:30pm, an unusual and catastrophic incident occurred at the Hart County Jail involving two inmates and a deputy (guard).

Ricky Mullkin, an inmate in Hart County Jail, informed one of the guards, Michael Logsdon, that they were having complications with a toilet in one of the regular cells. Mullkin lured him into the cell, meanwhile, Nicholas Wilson had planned an attack on the guard. While Mullkin had Logsdon distracted Wilson stood behind him and heavily struck Logsdon in the back of the head with an electronic tablet, an amenity the jail offers inmates. Mullkin and Wilson had hoped to obtain keys from the guard to make an escape. Little did they know, but the jail guards do not carry cell keys, or keys to the outside, on them. The guard struggled with the two inmates and managed to break free, the two were apprehended. During the commotion another inmate stepped in to help the guard.  

Nicholas Wilson is in jail for allegedly murdering a Munfordville man, Timothy Devore, last July in Devore’s own apartment. After Devore’s family went to Munfordville Police Department to report that he had been missing, Chief Greg Atwell searched Devore’s apartment and found a disturbing, bloody scene. Wilson was seen on video using Devore’s credit card at a gas pump in Franklin. He was brought in by KSP and interviewed, later admitting to the murder, telling police that Devore’s body was in the trunk of Devore’s car. 

The trial has been postponed but set for review later this month. There’s a chance Wilson will be facing the Death Penalty. 

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