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Hart County School Board meeting was held at LeGrande Elementary

Several recognitions were presented during the meeting on Thursday

Thursday evening, March 21, at 6:00 the Hart County School Board met at LeGrande Elementary. The first item on the agenda was Recognition(s) Presentation(s). Mrs. Debbie Fowler announced the first presentation for Anna Avery for being selected by independent judges for creating the new logo belonging to The Green River Career Academy (GRCA). Anna Avery was unable to attend the meeting due to a band concert that same night.

Mrs. Debbie Fowler called the Lady Raiders Soccer Team forward and announced their accomplishments for the year, and they are as follows: 42 more goals than last season, 16 more assists than last season, 9 players scored goals, 9 players had assists, individual school season for most goals saved stands at 117, and 204 saves by all goalies. Senior Laynie Childress was absent due to Softball.

Mr. Chenoweth presented veteran, David Bell, with an Honorary Diploma. In 1964 he attended Hardin Memorial High School, but left to serve his country in the Vietnam War. He also served three years in the Air Force after the war.

Montina Hayes was recognized and presented a certificate for reaching level three in the Kentucky School Board’s Academy of Studies.

Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Avery, and Mr Reed have selected a group of young men with the purpose of helping them in becoming better, fine-tuned members in society. Some of the tasks they are given are cleaning up school ground, painting an image of the school cardinal on the side of the building, and they have recently started the project Legrande News, this airs at school once a week.

Community Education Supporter
Mrs. Martha
This recognition went to Munfordville Elementary School
LeGrande Student Council Members

An update on the status of the GRCA building was given. Windows are being installed to an estimated 80% complete, the walls are being prepped and smoothed out before primer and paint is applied, and the mechanical system seems to be mostly completed, according to the Construction Progress Report. Progress also seems to be on track for the projected finishing time in June, according to the project manager.

On the auditorium at the GRCA building, the seats are about to be put in, the floor has been epoxied, and the ceilings are at about 80%-85% complete as well.

Superintendent, Nathan Smith, stated that they have been working on a Five-year Strategic Plan for Hart County Schools. With this plan it will allow them the ability to take a closer look at where they are and if they have met their goals for the year.

Nathan Smith “broke free”of his office, and for the Read Across America, he went to a couple of classrooms in Bonnieville Elementary to read books to 1st and 2nd grade students.

Hart County School system is making its way into tearing down barriers between schools, although it isn’t happening as quickly as he would like there’s still a change in the works.

Nathan discussed with Bart Rolland the educational bills in place. There are 18 educational bills waiting on the Governor’s desk for his signature. House Bill 166 is an act related to a Day of Prayer for the students on the last day of September. Senate Bill 1 is the “big one” with the first bullet requiring districts to appoint a school safety coordinator. Hart County is already ahead of the game, according to Superintendent, Nathan Smith. Next topic on Senate Bill 1 requires certain personnel to receive Active Shooter Response Training. Sheriff Jeff Wilson has already been involved with the school system in this type of training. The training Sheriff Wilson has already assisted with has been mostly staff oriented. This was to better familiarize the staff on what to do and how to handle Active Shooter Response situations. This summer Sheriff would like to meet with Hart County School’s staff again, but this time he would like to bring in all First Responders so that they can add more insight on how they would handle certain situations that could arise in the future. The Senate Bill 1 has also set a goal for school counselors. As times change a need for counselors, psyche professionals, is becoming more imperative.

A request was made and approved by the council for HCHS graduation for May 24th at 7:00pm. So set the date in your calendar for High School Graduation on May 24th at 7:00pm.

Meeting was adjourned.

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