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Happy 16th Birthday Aiden Smith

A Birthday Poem: A wish for you is simple to say, but not as easy to do There’s much life has to offer, some good, some bad, and new Don’t rush your years to be older and throw away your time Soon you’ll be old enough to be charged for serious crime You’ll hit the roads, behind the wheel, finally you’re feeling cool I’ll be sure to warn the people to travel while you’re in school You’ve been a good kid, you’re doing well, you’ve made your family proud  I hope they remember these first years before your head’s up in the clouds You’ll know it all, and need no help, and disregard all advice But listen well, and soak it in, instead of just rolling the dice But as of now you’re still young, 16 years old, in fact I’m just glad I got to know you while your senses are still intact Enjoy today, laugh a lot, play your video games everyday Cause after high school you’ll get a job to throw all of your money away Happy Birthday, Aiden

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