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Citizen’s Concern of Drinking on the Job, and a New Water Rate Increase

Monday night, March 11, Horse Cave City Hall held its regular monthly session at 6:00pm. It was definitely a night for some serious discussions. During the beginning of the meeting Mayor Randall Curry introduced Mike Thompson with the Horse Cave Water Commission to discuss the approval of Resolution No. 2019-03-01. This resolution was decidedly considered the first reading. This resolution of the Horse Cave Water Commission recommends that the Horse Cave City Council enact an ordinance approving an increase in the water rates Horse Cave Water Commission already charges its customers. This rate increase will offset the Green River Valley Water District wholesale rate increase. For a better understanding of this increase the following should help the readers. Green River Valley Water District sells their water to Horse Cave Water Commission and recently Green River has advised that their rates will be increasing soon. If Horse Cave doesn’t increase their rates as well, they will be taking a loss and eventually will fall into financial burden. This would ultimately lead to another company buying out Horse Cave Water Commission, in turn this could potentially lead to an even higher increase. Horse Cave has not raised their water rates since Spring 2010 by 45%. As most things in the world today costs do go up, and unfortunately water is no exception. 

Mike said the increase will be $0.58 per 1000 gallons, and the average home uses between 3 to 4 thousand gallons which would have an increase of $0.74. The rates will only change based on a thousand-gallon differential, so the gallon will be rounded off to the next thousand.

Mike has spoken with Horse Cave industries about the increase and all seemed to understand and be on board with the increase except for one industry that disagrees with the rate change.

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City Council member, David Lindsey, put it this way, “We can sell our water company to another company and they may increase our rates, or we can do this increase and keep our own water company.”

Since this was considered the first reading, the second reading will be in a month during the next regular council meeting, after that the council will decide whether or not the increase will be implemented or not. The community may discuss concerns or questions with the council members within the next month, before the meeting. 

Another surprisingly alarming discussion was led by Rick Woodard when turn came for citizens concern to speak. Rick allegedly accused Horse Cave Interim Chief, David Graves, of repeatedly driving under the influence of alcohol during work hours and throughout the day. This is not the first time this has been brought to official’s attention and seems to have been an issue for some time now. Rick spoke of the possible dangers, he asked the council, “What if it was your children? I don’t have kids, but I have nieces and nephews and I fear for them being on the road with a chief of police drinking and driving.” This matter will be attended to, but there are certain rules and litigations that must be followed. Any citizen to have witnessed such activities involving city police officers please provide a written statement to the city clerk where it can be signed and notarized for effectiveness. 

Proposed Walking Trail

Horse Cave will be applying for a grant for Resolution No. 2019-9.1. A couple of ladies with BRADD were in attendance at the meeting. They helped complete the Recreational Trails Program grant that is limited to funding of 80% of the project costs (2) to authorize the City of Horse Cave to hold in reserve 20% of the project costs (3) to authorize the City of Horse Cave to sign assurances to comply with Federal and State Laws and regulations.  (This Resolution is for the proposed walking trail in Horse Cave.)

The Dog Pound in Cave City

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