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Pleasantly Experiencing “The Dog Bite”

My visit to The Dog Pound in Cave City

Nearly every day Tyler Mosby of Cave City can be found “getting dog bit” over at the Dog Pound. During my last visit I asked Tyler, “What is it about this place that brings you here for lunch above any other local eatery?” Tyler replied, “It feels more personable than other places. The atmosphere is always upbeat and I feel comfortable when I’m here, and the food is great. It’s a change from the staple lunch, burgers and fries. I like the variety on the menu.”

The Dog Pound’s specialty is, of course, hot dogs. Often hot dogs are associated with campfires, amusement parks, and possibly America’s favorite pass-time, baseball games… but not these hotdogs. These can’t be found in the freezer section of a supermarket. These hot dogs are custom-made with diligence and precise care by a German company. They’re 100% beef, with no fillers, no nitrates, no gluten, and each one has a 100% collagen casing with the hard twist on each end. The same detail and care is also given when creating their brats.

Each one of my visits to The Dog Pound there has always been a steady flow of customers, but the most enjoyable part of my visits has been the sense of friendship. Laughter, conversations, and introductions are a soft welcome before sitting down to enjoy your meal. A certain connotation now comes to mind when thinking of The Dog Pound, “This is a small place with a lot of heart.”

Winter hours will be changing soon, but as of now they open at 10:30am and close at 2:00pm during the week, open until 8:00pm on Friday and Saturday. With weather permitting the “kennel room” (outside deck) will be open within the next couple of weeks. The Dog Pound will be presenting Karaoke and music outside in the kennel room.

On April 6 there will be a Car Cruise hosted by Jack at The Dog Pound, starting at 5:00pm; however, guests are welcomed any time. Any sort of vehicle is permitted in the Car Cruise.

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