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Turbo Kitty in the ARK Foster Program

An update on how Bonnie Moore changed the life of one special kitten

Turbo. When Bonnie Moore, with ARK Foster Program, first found Turbo she was definitely feral. Her life with humans was yet to be a comfort. This winter when Turbo showed up at Bonnie’s place she ran and growled for weeks before Bonnie caught her. When she finally did, she found that Turbo was injured and obviously scared. Although Bonnie had finally caught Turbo, the fight was only beginning. If any of you have ever attempted taming a feral kitty then you know the battle Bonnie was then faced with. Turbo hissed, growled, and hid from her for days before caving to Bonnie’s love. Step by step, and little by little, Bonnie finally won herself a spot in Turbo’s heart, and now Turbo is nothing less of a perfect lap kitty (in which Bonnie had to surrender to ARK because she already has 3). Bonnie has already shared her story about Bonnie’s arrival, but now she’s sharing her story with DayLily News so that I can now share these updates on Turbo with my audience.

“These updates make fostering so worth while,” according to Bonnie Moore. “She’s ‘helping’ me study right now. She is turning into a social bug… we almost can’t make her stay in her room now, she loves to be out and about with us.”
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