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When turning right is wrong

Semi truck nearly crushes a Nissan sedan and 4 passengers

On Valentine’s Day today, around noon, an accident could’ve very easily turned into a complete catastrophe for one family. Two adults and two children in a Nissan sedan were pinned against a semi trailer at the stoplight in front of Convenient Stop in Horse Cave. The truck driver was actively signaling his anticipated right-hand turn onto S. Dixie Hwy. As the truck pursued the right hand turn his trailer came into contact with the driver’s side of the Nissan. Luckily, the truck driver was aware of the mishap and stopped before entirely driving over the vehicle. Horse Cave Police Department responded to the scene and was assisted by Hart County EMS. All passengers of the sedan were transported to the hospital. Horse Cave Police Department determined that it was not the truck driver’s fault. The driver of the sedan pulled alongside the truck and trailer and failed to notice the truck driver was signaling for a right-hand turn.

Accidents such as this will hopefully be avoided in the near future once the Horse Cave Connector Route is put in. This route will allow large trucks to bypass this intersection in order to decrease the risk of accidents.

Be safe people and pay close attention. Remember this, each time we pass another vehicle on the road we are only feet from a tragic accident that could cause possible death. Don’t text and drive. Happy Valentine’s Day

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