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Breaking more records, man, what a year!

John Shoulders broke record 3-point shots in a single game

Thank you Stanley Bell for not missing a game, and for catching those special moments that we will remember for years to come.


Left to right: Carter Shelton, Trevor Meador, Chandler Wilcoxson, John Shoulders, and Laynie Childress


John’s big night

This is a night that will go down in history and will be unforgettable for many years to come. Hart County Raiders played against Fort Knox on Senior Night at Home. Even though the game was a complete blowout at 84-40, Raiders’ win, that was not what made this night so incredible. John Shoulders broke a school record, hitting 10 3-point goals in a single game. The previous record was set in 1992/1993 season when Stewart Sullivan hit 9 3-point goals in a game, and again when Quinn Hodges matched Sullivan’s record in the season 1996/1997. Hart County Senior, John Shoulders, broke a 22 year-old record on the most recognizable night of all, Senior Night. Similar to what you would see in a movie, the time clock was counting down to the last seconds of the game when John made the shot that beat the previous record. John will also be in the record book for scoring 1000 points in his basketball career and is on pace to be one of Hart County’s top 5 players in school history. John averages 25.2 points a game for this season. Earlier this season John had a 40 point game at Nelson County. This being John’s Senior year, makes the old saying “going out with a bang” ring true in this case. 


John got taken down by his teammates when he made the 10th 3-pointer of the game


Jennifer Shoulders’ proud moment as a mother
photos by Stanley Bell

Good game, unfortunate loss against S. Warren

On Saturday, February Raiders travelled to South Warren for an intense game. In the first quarter Raiders led the 24-20. Braydon Bell  with 12 of those points (2 3-point field goals). Jordan Burden right behind him with 9 points in the first quarter. In the second quarter Raiders fell behind, going into the second quarter 40-57. The Raiders had quite a few more fouls against them going into halftime. Coming out strong both teams hustled neck and neck, Raiders scored 23 points and S. Warren 25. The Raiders outscored S. Warren in the last quarter with 21-19; however, after falling behind so far in the second quarter only scoring 16 points to S. Warren’s 37, the Raiders just couldn’t make up the 21 point diff. John Shoulders pulled in a whopping 27 points with 5 3pointers, Jordan Burden with 23 points, and Braydon Bell with 17 points. Unfortunately, the Raiders took too many fouls on this one, helping S. Warren gain a free-throw ratio (percent) 15/19. Whereas, Raiders free-throw ratio (percent) 8/11. All in all, this was a good game. Both teams played hard, but Raiders lost the game 84-101.

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