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Carter Shelton signs to Midway

Carter is the first male from Hart County High to get a scholarship for Soccer.

“I want to thank…”

*Below is a soundbite of Carter Shelton speaking to his family and peers about his past and future.

Carter Shelton, Senior of Hart County High School, was faced with one of many difficult decisions for his future. Carter was offered a scholarship for Soccer with Asbury and Midway University. On Tuesday, February 5, he publicly announced his decision and signed  a contract  for his acceptance into Midway University. Carter is the first male student from Hart County to receive a scholarship for soccer. 

Carter has played for Hart County Raiders Boys Soccer Team for six years, dating back to his 7th grade year. Mr. Chenoweth also added in his introduction for Carter, that he remembers watching Carter play as far back as Little League.

The Raiders Soccer Team made their first appearance at the 5th Regional Tournament this past season, the first time they appeared in the 18th District Tournament Championship game, they achieved the highest seed in district tournament play in the history of Hart County Boys Soccer they were a Number Two Seed, they had their first tournament  championship in program history at Warren East Invitational, the best record in the program’s history finishing at 13-8. 13 wins was the most wins in the season by any team. Hart County Boys Soccer team played more games in a season than any other Hart County soccer team has ever played, coming in at 21 games. The team as a whole had the most goals scored at 92, the most assists in a season at 53, finished second in the 5th region for most assists per game, and the Seniors graduated with the highest team winning percentage in program history.

Carter graduated with a program record for assists in a season with 37, he finished ranked 21st in assists in Kentucky, and 2nd for assists in the region and district. If all updated information is applied to state records, Carter will have had 16 consecutive games with a goal or an assist which will tie him at 5th for state history, and 7 consecutive games with an assist, which will tie him for 6th in state history. 

Carter has proven great leadership skills and achieved personal goals that has placed him into an elite category of fine young men.

As a bystander, a watcher from the sidelines, I have never been more impressed or more proud of a young man. When I began writing for Hart County Newspaper I will never forget receiving Stanley Bell’s reports and photos of the boys soccer games. I, myself, have been a long time fan of soccer and have waited for years to experience a season such as this one. With excitement each week I waited for Stanley’s report on the games, and honestly, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with an emotion of pride and happiness as I transcribed the report for the newspaper. When I first met Carter and had a chance to briefly speak to him about his season, I was happy to observe an altruistic and sincere humbleness within him. In mentioning to Carter his accomplishments and great gameplay, his reply said all I needed to know about this young man. “Thank you, but it’s not just me it’s the whole team. It wouldn’t be possible if the other guys weren’t as good as they are.” Carter is one of those young men that will never cease to amaze me. I am thankful for the opportunity to witness and be a part of his great success in his last year at Hart County High School. I, along with the rest of us in Hart County, would like to wish Carter the best of luck and the support of Hart County.

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