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Aaand the award goes to….

Jacquelyn Crain presented by President/CEO with President’s Choice Award

By Scotty Dennis

Jacquelyn Crain, Limestone Bank Universal Banker, received one of the highest honorable awards to be given out in the entire Commonwealth for her prolific work ethics and engaging personality. She was presented the President’s Choice Award by President/CEO of Limestone Bankcorp, Inc., John T. Taylor. Each year Limestone Bankcorp, Inc. presents a President’s Choice Award to a single employee for outstanding service to the company. Alongside the Choice Award is the Star Award, wherein 9 employees are subject to receive. Jacquelyn was nominated by her fellow co-workers, and with this nomination an essay was to be submitted with each employee nomination. The essay was a detailed description explaining the qualifications and skillsets of such nominee. Throughout the 15 Limestone branches in Kentucky the essays are submitted to corporate, where John T. Taylor, President/CEO, examines for a final decision. At a corporate-wide meeting, in December, John T. Taylor announced Jacquelyn’s proud win for 2018 President’s Choice Award. 

Jacquelyn Crain is a Universal Banker, and has dedicated 20 years of service to the the community as a banker. This award highlights Jacquelyn’s commitment to learning new skills and continuing to develop her character. Jacquelyn has been incredibly successful in balancing family with business. At home she has the support of her husband Josh, and four beloved children, Cassie, 19, Katelyn, 18, Jackson, 16, and Payton, 6. There is no doubt or discrepancy on whether this award was well deserved.

John Bunnell is Limestone’s Regional Market President, working alongside him is Limestone’s, Kenneth Kidd, Hart County Market President. When gathering some information on Jacquelyn’s notable award, I was allotted an opportunity to speak briefly with the two. I hoped to learn more details of how many nominations were submitted from Hart County to award Jacquelyn, but some things will remain a mystery. One thing abundantly clear is the sincere appreciation Munfordville’s Limestone Bank employees hold for Jacquelyn Crain, Limestone Universal Banker.

Each year Limestone Bankcorp, Inc., celebrates the victory of another successful year, with a history of more than 110 years of serving the communities of Kentucky. Limestone Bankcorp, Inc. is no stranger to giving back to the communities by donating large amounts to helping organizations such as, Habitat for Humanity, Super Student Athlete Life Center, and covering costs of the GED exams for adult education, and much more. These awards are only another gesture to show their appreciation to those working hard to strengthen communities through absolute perseverance.

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