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Happy Birthday Sheriff!

When I heard it was your birthday I immediately felt disappointment. I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why disappointment?” Well, simply because today is a special day because on this day a good friend and honest man was born into a world where guidance and support are deeply needed. There’s no doubt of what God’s plan was with you. With you, he created a leader and a caretaker, a great husband, a loving father, and least of all an honest friend. So again, disappointment? Yes, because there’s no gift in lieu of the friendship you’ve given to a countless number of people. As for a gift to you, I can offer friendship, loyalty, respect, and honesty. May this glorious day be just the beginning of great prosperity, more happiness and deserving success in your life. You’ve been there to offer me strength when weakness has tried to overpower me, and for many others, I have no doubt. Thank you for everything. May you enjoy every moment of your great life. God bless you, Sheriff Jeff Wilson.

Your Friend, Scotty Dennis

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  1. Bobby Bobby February 14, 2019

    Happy birthday!
    It was my birthday too!

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