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Bicentennial Celebration in the Courtyard

By Scotty Dennis

This year marks the 200thyear anniversary of the formation of Hart County. On January 28, 1819, portions of Barren and Hardin county were joined to create Hart County becoming the 61stcounty in Kentucky. Throughout the year Hart County will be celebrating the Bicentennial Anniversary with various upcoming events.  These events will be held to honor the history the helped make Hart County what it is today. Growth and prosperity have made Hart County a great place to raise children, own a business, and be a part of this proud community. This is a community full of inspiration and spirit and it’s time to show the world what makes Hart County so great. 

On January 28, 2019, Bonnieville’s 2ndgrade students gathered at the Hart County Fiscal Court to unveil two historical markers, in which they succeeded in raising the $828.00 it took to restore them. When the county was trying to decide what they could do to attain the money to do this the children of Bonnieville Elementary raised the money for them. At the end of Monday’s Fiscal Court meeting Judge Choate addressed the court with an oration of Hart County’s formation. Afterward, he invited a few students to the bench to tell why it was important to them that the historical markers be restored. Perhaps the most comical response was, “…to fix the ugly ol’sign” recited by Nicholas Walters. The student’s compassion for Hart County was well understood with their mature delivery in their messages announced before the court.

After Fiscal Court everyone convened in the courtyard while Hart County High School band serenaded the crowd. Judge Joe Choate and Jerry Matera, who led this procedure to restore these historical markers, spoke to the crowd and gave highlights of this special event that brought everyone together. 

The celebration continued on at the Hart County Public Library, where they had refreshments and other celebratory proceedings. 

As special occasions for the Bicentennial Celebration come about, they will be announced here in DayLily News. 

*Photos of the students, the markers, and of the crowd will be in the photo gallery. You will find the drop down link on the front page under “Galleries.”

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