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Fiscal Court and Bicentennial Celebration

Monday morning was kicked off with a Hart County Fiscal Court meeting to conduct regular business.  When officials holding office come in, they typically bring new ideas and new customs along with them.  Judge Choate began the meeting with a custom that seems to have been pushed to the waste side these days, The Pledge of Allegiance.  Today people are advised to be careful with traditions, customs, and beliefs, for the fear of offending others living alongside of them.  Nowadays United States citizens are asked or pushed to deny our beliefs by doing away with many traditions and customs that have been building blocks of America.  In many schools across the nation The Pledge of Allegiance is no longer permitted. Years ago, this was a daily occurrence in our schools.  It taught our youth, our future leaders, a sense of pride and respect for our nation, as well those who fought and continue to protect it.  By Judge Choate inviting this custom back into our courtroom and reminding people of what it means to be the United States of America, prosperity in many ways will surely favor Hart County. 

Before the meeting began Judge Choate acknowledged his wish for every meeting, especially deliberating to the magistrates seated next to him, to donate at least one dollar to the Salvation Army’s red pale sitting in the corner of the courthouse for families in need of help for a better and happier Christmas. 

Bro. Billy Joe Foster was invited and announced in court to lead the session in prayer by Magistrate Gary Gardner. Bro. Foster is from Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Bonnieville. His prayer brought to mind of the dangers our country faces today.  In his prayer he reminded the value of each and every life, the respect people should not only have for one another, but for authority figures alike. His warm and loving presence to the court was an honor.

After Larry Bunch delivered his Road Report, Magistrate Doug Wells commended Larry for doing an excellent job on de-icing Hart County roads allowing school to remain in session. In the past it had been discussed that Hart County wasn’t doing as well keeping the roads cleared as neighboring counties were. When other schools were not cancelled in the past ours were. Now it was reversed, and Hart County schools remained in session while other counties were called off due to icy road conditions. With that being said, Hart County Road Department has managed to use less salt than some of the counties near. 

Hart County Jail has retired three of their mowers, wherein they have also been put up for bid. The bids made were denied because Jailer Israel Bergenson is confident in the value being more than the offering bid. Furthermore, the mowers will be open for bid once more.  Listed are the mowers and their offered bid: 2004 Ex-Mark gas mower #312613370, $1,136.00; 2009 Kubota gas mower #TL601360, $1,1360.00; 2012 Kubota diesel mower #TL676593, $1,636.00.
The Hart County Rescue Squad has a budget of $30,692.00 and a SOAR Grant (2018 Rescue Aid Program Grant) was approved and signed for $4,698.00 to purchase needed equipment.

“No procurement of equipment or work can occur on the grant until the maste agreement is signed by the grantee (Hart Count Fiscal Court) and executed by the state,” states an excerpt from Kentucky Emergency Management.

A resolution was approved to be signed for 19-01-28 Community Development Block Grant. This grant is for a water treatment plant expansion in Horse Cave and it cannot exceed $1million. 

A motion was made and all in favor to approve John Ireland Historical Marker on the courthouse lawn. Bonnieville’s second grade students raised the most in funds to help restore a couple of the historical markers outside the courthouse. After the Fiscal Court meeting the Bonnieville students that were a part of this joined other members of the community for a Bicentennial Celebration and the unveiling of the historical markers.

A motion to buy four new pickup trucks at State bid price was passed after Magistrate Doug Wells made evident that in the past money was made by such purchases, when after use, they were put up resale.  Judge made a motion to approve buying a “new” used truck for the building/electrical inspector for take-home use. Magistrate Ricky Alvey spoke up to clarify if the inspector was approved to drive the vehicle home daily, Monday through Friday. “Yes.”

Herb Key was approved for appointment to the Hart County Industrial Board, where he will be completing G. Cottrell’s term which expires December 2019. Cottrell stepped down from his seat. 

Bill Belt was approved to carry out an appointment to the Hart County Library Board finishing a term expiring October 2019.          

County Attorney, Mike Nichols, was approved to proceed with legal action for damages done to Robbin Lane.

A job description for Animal Control Officer was approved. 

Joe Furlong was approved to replace Deputy Coroner Jason Rountree.

Regular session was cancelled for the February 5 Fiscal Court meeting. The next will be February 21. Adjourned.

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